One of the useful features of webMathematica is its integration with the LiveGraphics3D applet. This applet displays Mathematica three-dimensional graphics and provides support for features such as interactive rotation and resizing. It is shipped with webMathematica and is used by the command MSPLive3D. The applet has been carefully developed so that it works in a wide range of different Java-enabled browsers.

The interface is given below.

user action applet reaction; drag and press the left mouse button rotate about an axis in the picture; release the left mouse button while dragging spin about an axis in the picture; press the SHIFT key and drag vertically zoom; press the SHIFT key and drag horizontally rotate about an axis perpendicular to the picture; press the CONTROL key and drag vertically change the focal length; press the CONTROL key and drag horizontally change the strength of the stereo effect; press the META (ALT) key (or the right mouse button) and drag vertically strip parts of the graphics; press  the 'o' key write parameter settings in the Java console; press  the 's' key toggle between single and stereo views; press the HOME key restore  the original perspective (no spinning)

In addition, the MSPLive3D command can set the Magnification parameter for the applet as follows.

MSPLive3D[ Plot3D[ Sin[x y],{x,0,3},{y,0,3}], Magnification -> 0.4]

More information on the LiveGraphics3D applet is available from the website maintained by its author, Martin Kraus, at http://wwwvis.informatik.uni-stuttgart.de/~kraus/LiveGraphics3D.