PacletInfo.m Contents

The PacletInfo.m is a descriptor file for Mathematica applications. A sample is shown in the following.

This section describes its contents. Note that in many cases, the Workbench creates, updates, and uses the PacletInfo.m automatically with default settings. This means that often you do not need to actually be aware of what it contains.

The Workbench provides a multi-page editor to work with the PacletInfo.m. This provides tools for changing its contents, so that it is typically not necessary to change it directly.


The Name gives an identity to the application. Note that if two applications have the same name, Mathematica will use the Version and MathematicaVersion to decide which application to actually load.


The Version gives a version number to this application, using the format major.minor.release. This is used by Mathematica to determine the newest application.


The MathematicaVersion specifies which version of Mathematica the application is designed to work with. A setting of 6+ means that it can work with Mathematica 6 and higher.


The Root is used to set the contents of the application relative to the PacletInfo.m. Typically for an application that loads code via the Mathematica $Path, the root should be set to "" (or omitted). This means that the contents are not buried more deeply in the application.

The Root is also used to set the location of other extensions such as documentation, relative to the PacletInfo.m.

If you want to develop your project with the application in a different location from that set by the paclet Root, you can do this by setting the paclet location project property.


The Creator is an optional field that sets the name of the person who created the application.


The Description is an optional field that gives a brief description of the functionality provided by the application.


The Extensions setting describes the features the application provides to Mathematica. The format for an extension is {extension, arg1, arg2, ...}. At present the only extension that operates is the documentation extension.