Function and Symbol Support

Export Symbol

This is a quick fix for adding exports to a Mathematica package. It is only offered if the source is a package. If you select a Mathematica symbol in the package and press Ctrl+1, then the Quick Fixes popup will appear.

Adding an export

If you select the Export symbol from package option, then the selected symbol will be exported from the package.

Adding an export

If a symbol is not selected, but the cursor is placed inside a function, then the function is exported from the package.

Rename Symbol

Allows you to rename a symbol throughout a file. Simply select the symbol, choose the quick assist and then as you change the name, every instance of the symbol will change as you type.

Rename Symbol

Implement Exported Function

If you have symbols that are exported from a package with no implementation, this fix will provide a template implementation ready to be completed.

Add Implementation

Function Options

A quick fix now simplifies adding options for a function.

Add Options

Function Attributes

You can now use a quick fix to add or change the attributes of a symbol.

Add Attributes