Test Suites

A test suite allows you to run more than one test file at any time. This can be a useful way to break up tests into functional segments; it can also be useful if some of your tests take a long time to run.

Creating a Test Suite

A test suite is a .mt file that contains a TestSuite expression. This holds the names of the test files that form the suite, which are located relative to the test suite. A sample test suite that runs the test files Test.mt and Test1.mt is shown below.

MUnit Tester

Test Suite Report

The MUnit Tester Report for a test suite shows the individual test files. An example is shown below.

MUnit Tester

The green bar at the top of the report shows that all the tests passed. Underneath are two progress bars: one is for progress in the test suite and the other for progress in the current test file.