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Queuing of Long Calculations

Attributes of the evaluateQueued tag.

Interacting with the Queue

Some techniques for the job object.

Values of the state property of the Job object.

Values of the errorType property of the Job object.

Lifetime of a Queued Request

Organizing and Configuring a Queued Pool

Any kernel pool can be used to run computations from an evaluateQueued tag. However, it is typically good practice to have a pool that is designated for queued computations. More information about kernel pools and how to set them up can be found in the kernel pools section. Using a separate pool is advantageous because you can configure it in a way that is more useful for a queued computation. For example, you might want to increase the KernelTimeLimit parameter, to increase it to some longer value. Most of the configuration parameters are useful for a queued computation; you can find out more about configuring webMathematica in the section on configuration. Another advantage of a separate pool for queued calculations is that you have a pool available for normal calculations.