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Areas of Use for webMathematica

Web Computation


Mathematica is widely used in many areas of education. These applications can be extended to web-based education tools with webMathematica. The Integrator, http://integrals.wolfram.com, is a Wolfram Research-developed website that solves integration problems. Another use of webMathematica in education is Calc101, http://www.calc101.com, which mixes free and pay-per-use calculators that lead precollege and college students through integration and differentiation problems.




webMathematica allows individual users to showcase their personal interests with web-based interactive calculations and visualizations. AnalyticCycling.com, http://www.analyticcycling.com/, provides a recreational website that takes advantage of the webMathematica engine. Designed for technically oriented cyclists, AnalyticCycling.com offers web-based calculators that take a no-compromise, textbook approach to computing cycling performance.