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Initial Checks

Check the Server

Check the URL

If your servlet container works but webMathematica does not, make sure you are using a correct URL. These are case sensitive, so make sure you use capital letters in the same places as the documentation describes. For example, http://localhost:8080/webMathematica/Examples/Hello.jsp is the appropriate usage. Make sure that this URL is consistent with the way you connect to your servlet container. If you need to specify a port number for your servlet container, you will need to use this for webMathematica. For example, the default settings for direct access for Tomcat is port 8080. A URL for a different servlet container might be different. The URLs in this document are all specified for Tomcat.

Check the Initial Page

If the initial page that is returned to your browser in response to a webMathematica URL, such as http://localhost:8080/webMathematica/Examples/Hello.jsp, contains some other indication of an error, study it carefully. Some typical problems include configuration errors, such as failure to locate a configuration file or failure to launch Mathematica. Studying the initial page and rereading the installation instructions or looking at the specific problems listed later in this section may help to resolve the problem.

Check the Kernel Monitor

Check the Logging System

The logging system is a good place to start to search for information on problems.

Check the Console Shell

Check Mathematica