Configuring the Server

Before you can use the Workbench to work with a webMathematica server it is necessary to make some configuration settings. These are done in the preferences, which are opened from the menu bar. Choose Window > Preferences, open the Mathematica section, and select webMathematica. You should see a dialog such as the following.


The main setting that is required is that for the root of the webMathematica server. Note that at the moment only Apache Tomcat is supported. The Browse button provides a convenient way to locate the server.

Some of the other settings in this dialog are summarized.

Server Root

The root of the webMathematica server is the most important setting to be made. At present the Workbench tools do not make any choice for this setting and so they cannot operate if nothing is set. The full path to the directory that is the root of your server should be inserted in this field. Typically this is the directory in which you would see directories such as bin, common, conf, and webapps.

Web Application Name

The Web Application Name field sets the name for the web application that is used for webMathematica. The default value is webMathematica and unless you have modified your webMathematica there is no need to change this.

Java Home

The Java Home field sets the version of Java that is used to launch webMathematica. If you leave this unset then the Workbench will make a reasonable choice to find an appropriate Java.

Java Tools

The Java Tools field sets the file that contains the Java tools (necessary for compiling material for the server). If you leave this unset then the Workbench will search in a number of standard places. If you find that your server can see HTML files but JSP files do not work then you might want to set this field.

Legacy webMathematica Support

This checkbox lets you create web material that will work with webMathematica 2.3 and lower.