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PrincipalAxes[{Ixx, Iyy, Izz, Ixy, Iyz, Izx}] returns the list {{I1, I2, I3}, {axis1, axis2, axis3}}, where {I1, I2, I3} are the principal moments of inertia and {axis1, axis2, axis3} are the corresponding principal axes of the body represented by the given inertia properties.

{axis1, axis2, axis3} is actually the rotation matrix from the reference frame in which the inertia properties were specified to the principal axes reference frame.
• See also:
CompositeInertia, GyroFilter, ParallelAxis.

Further Examples

Load the Modeler3D package.

Here are inertia properties transformed from a noncentroidal to centroidal reference frame.

Here are the principal axes of the resulting inertia properties.

This rotates the original inertia matrix into the principal frame.

Here is the result of combining two sets of inertia properties.

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