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RackAndPinion4[cnum, axis1, rad, {alpha, guess}, axis2, C] is identical to RackAndPinion5 except that the heads of the two axes are not constrained to be adjacent. Thus, the pinion is free to slide on its axis, relative to the rack.
RackAndPinion4 constrains four degrees of freedom.

RackAndPinion4 is essentially RackAndPinion5 with the fourth equation dropped.
• The symbol alpha is used as the pinion rotation variable.
• The two equations in RackAndPinion5 constrain axis2 to be parallel to axis1, the third equation places the pinion axis rad units away from the rack, the fourth equation relates the axial displacement of the rack to the rotation of the pinion, and the fifth relates the value of the variable alpha to the rotation of the pinion.
• See also:
Cylindrical4, LeadScrew5, ParallelGears5, SetConstraints, SetSymbols, SysCon.

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