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SetSymbols[options] is used to set fundamental properties of Mech's modeling engine.
SetSymbols should be run at the beginning of a Mech session because the properties it sets are reflected throughout the function of Mech. It is necessary to rebuild the entire model after calling SetSymbols.

• Running SetSymbols has the effect of clearing the entire model. SetSymbols calls ClearMech[Constraints] and ClearMech[Loads].
• The following Modeler2D options can be given:

• The following Modeler3D options can be given:

• The setting of the Coordinates option has no effect unless Method->Angular is also given because Euler parameters are neither global nor local.
• In Modeler3D the angular orientation of a body is always represented by four Euler parameters. The setting of Method affects only the choice of how to represent angular velocity and acceleration.
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Further Examples

Load the Modeler2D package and define a simple model.

Here are the variables used to represent the location and orientation of each body. Functions like Rotation give results in terms of these variables.

If we switch to Euler parameters to represent the orientation of each body, that change is reflected by Location. However, functions like Rotation that are designed to give specific geometric results return different expressions that produce the same numerical value.

See HelpModel2D.