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Sphere[axis, rad, facets] generates a sphere of radius rad, centered at the origin of axis, with facets divisions along either circumference. The axis of revolution of the sphere points in the direction of axis.
Sphere[axis, rad, {circfacets, polarfacets}] generates a sphere with circfacets segments around the equator, and polarfacets segments looping over the poles.

Sphere returns a list of Mathematica graphics primitives that are functions of mechanism location variables.
rad may be replaced with a list {rx, ry, rz} to produce an ellipsoid.
• The following options can be given:

• The Angle option specifies the swept angle about the major axis.
Mech's overloading of the built-in Sphere symbol has no effect on its usage in other Mathematica code.
• See also:
Bar, Revolve, Torus, Wheel.

Further Examples

Load the Modeler3D package and define a simple model.

Sphere is used to draw several spheres on the crank body.

See HelpModel3D.

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