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Revolve[{point1, point2, ... , pointn}, axis, facets] revolves the sequence of n - 1 lines between the specified pointi about axis, using facets segments.
Revolve[bnum, {lpnt1, ... , lpntn} axis, facets] revolves the n - 1 lines connecting the local points lpnti located on body bnum.

Revolve returns a list of Mathematica graphics primitives that are functions of mechanism location variables.
Revolve does not close the ends of the surface of revolution unless point1 and pointn lie on the axis of revolution.
• The following options can be given:

• See also: Cylinder, Extrude, Sphere, Torus.

Further Examples

Load the Modeler3D package and define a simple model.

Here we add a new group of graphics to the help model that uses Revolve to draw some surfaces of revolution. The absolute location of the new graphics depends on the rules passed to ShowHelpModel.

See HelpModel3D.

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