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DumpSave   (Built-in Mathematica Symbol)
DumpSave["file.mx", symbol] writes definitions associated with a symbol to a file in internal Mathematica format. DumpSave["file.mx", " context`"] writes out definitions ...
Reading and Writing Mathematica Files   (Mathematica Tutorial)
You can use files on your computer system to store definitions and results from Mathematica. The most general approach is to store everything as plain text that is ...
Mathematica Expressions in Files   (Mathematica Guide)
Mathematica's symbolic architecture immediately defines a serializable representation for any Mathematica data or program—which can then readily be stored in a file.
MX   (Mathematica Import/Export Format)
Mathematica serialized package format. Used for the distribution of Mathematica packages. Stores arbitrary Mathematica expressions in a serialized format optimized for fast ...
Files for Packages   (Mathematica Tutorial)
When you create or use Mathematica packages, you will often want to refer to files in a system-independent way. You can use contexts to do this. The basic idea is that on ...
$SystemID   (Built-in Mathematica Symbol)
$SystemID is a short string that identifies the type of computer system on which Mathematica is being run.
Time Measurement & Optimization   (Mathematica Guide)
Mathematica's symbolic timing framework allows timing information not only to be analyzed but also to be used in the structure of algorithms. Mathematica provides functions ...
Put   (Built-in Mathematica Symbol)
expr >> filename writes expr to a file. Put[expr_1, expr_2, ..., " filename"] writes a sequence of expressions expr_i to a file. Put["filename"] creates an empty file with ...
Share   (Built-in Mathematica Symbol)
Share[expr] changes the way expr is stored internally, to try and minimize the amount of memory used. Share[] tries to minimize the memory used to store all expressions.
Files   (Mathematica Guide)
Mathematica provides convenient and efficient system-independent functions for handling file-related constructs at all levels.
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