As of Version 10, all the functionality of the ComputationalGeometry package is built into the Wolfram System. >>

plots the Delaunay triangulation of the points .

plots the points as well as the planar graph described by the vertex adjacency list or circuit g.


  • functionality is now available in the built-in Wolfram Language function DelaunayMesh.
  • To use , you first need to load the Computational Geometry Package using Needs["ComputationalGeometry`"].
  • The planar graph g may be a vertex adjacency list of the form or a single circuit of the form , where i refers to the point .
  • has the same options as Graphics, with the following addition:
  • LabelPointsTruewhether points are labeled
  • Valid settings for LabelPoints are True and False. With the setting LabelPoints->True, each point is labeled according to its position in the input list.
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