The functionality provided by GUIKit has been superseded by the interface construction and controls functions native to the built-in Wolfram Language.

loads and runs an interface definition in a modeless state and returns immediately with a GUIObject expression that represents the live interface.

passes arguments to the interface definition.


  • To use GUIRun, you first need to load GUIKit using Needs["GUIKit`"].
  • src can be a file name, a user interface expression definition, an XMLDocument interface expression, or a GUIObject.
  • If arguments are included, they are passed as arguments to the interface definition and are available from the widget registry through the names , , , and so forth.
  • The following options can be given:
  • ReleaseMethodAutomaticdetermines when a GUIObject is released
    IncludedScriptContexts{}extends the active $ContextPath that Script blocks use
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