contains a list of properties about a service provided by a Lightweight Grid Manager.


  • RemoteService is returned by RemoteServiceInformation.
  • RemoteService expressions have the form RemoteService[{properties}]. The properties are primarily those of the service's configuration. The following properties are available:
  • "Name"name of the service
    "Agent"agent expression as returned by RemoteServicesAgentInformation
    "Enabled"whether the service currently allows new kernels to be opened
    "KernelCommand"command used to launch the Mathematica kernel process
    "LicenseState"indication of what is known about whether the kernel has a valid license
    "VersionNumber"Mathematica version of the configured kernel
    "KernelNumber"maximum number of kernels from this service that can be running at the same time; a value of 0 means no limit
    "KernelsAvailable"number of kernels that can be opened from this service before reaching the kernel number limit
    "KernelTimeout"maximum time in milliseconds to wait before a kernel from this service is closed; a value of 0 means there is no time limit
    "KernelInactiveTimeout"maximum time in milliseconds to wait while the kernel is idle before the kernel is closed; a value of 0 means there is no time limit
    "KernelInitialization"Mathematica expression evaluated when a new kernel is opened

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Basic Examples  (1)Basic Examples  (1)

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Retrieve the list of services offered by "cluster1":

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Note: Lightweight Grid Managers always have at least one service.

Select only the services that are enabled:

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