is an interval list for the Just Major scale.


  • To use JustMajor, you first need to load the Music Package using Needs["Music`"].
  • Intervals are measured in cents.
  • MusicScale[JustMajor,freq,dur] creates a Sound object that is a sequence of pitches corresponding to the Just Major scale.
  • In the Just Major scale, the ratios of the 3^(rd), 6^(th), and 7^(th) intervals are simplified from the Pythagorean model.
  • Whereas in the Pythagorean scale the ratios are 81/64 for a 3^(rd), 27/16 for a 6^(th), and 243/128 for a 7^(th), in Just Intonation the ratios are 5/4 for a 3^(rd), 5/3 for a 6^(th), and 15/8 for a 7^(th).
  • The other intervals are the same as the Pythagorean scale.
  • JustMajor was invented by the theorist Zarlino in the 16^(th) century so that simultaneously sounding tones would have simple ratios.

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