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IKernelLink.GetArray Method (Type, Int32, String[])

Reads an array and records information about the heads at each level.

[Visual Basic]
Function GetArray( _
   ByVal leafType As Type, _
   ByVal depth As Integer, _
   ByRef heads As String() _
) As Array
Array GetArray(
   Type leafType,
   int depth,
   out string[] heads


The type of the leaf elements of the returned array.
The requested depth.
Gets the heads at each level.


This method does not enforce a requirement that the heads be identical across a level. If the expression looks like {foo[1, 2], bar[3, 4]} then the heads array would become {"List", "foo"}, ignoring the fact that foo was not the head of every subexpression at level 1. In other words, if heads[i] is "foo", then it is only guaranteed that the first expression at level i had head foo, not that all of them did.


Exception Type Condition
MathLinkException If the waiting data cannot be read in this format, or on any other MathLink error.

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