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IKernelLink.GetArray Method

Reads an array of the specified type and depth. Overrides the IMathLink version by allowing you to specify an object type as the leaf type of the array.

Overload List

Reads an array and discards information about the heads at each level.

Array GetArray(Type,int);

Reads an array and records information about the heads at each level.

Array GetArray(Type,int,out string[]);


See the IMathLink version of this method for more information.

The additional ability in the IKernelLink override of this method is to read arrays of object references. For example, if a list of three NETObject expressions was waiting on the link, you could read them in a single call as follows:

// C#
object[] result = (object[]) ml.GetArray(typeof(object), 1);
// VB
Dim result() as Object = CType(ml.GetArray(GetType(Object), 1), GetType(Object()))
You must call EnableObjectReferences before you can send or receive object references.

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