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MathPictureBox.UseFrontEnd Property

Specifies whether to use the services of the Mathematica notebook front end in rendering the image to display.

[Visual Basic]
Public Property UseFrontEnd As Boolean
public bool UseFrontEnd {get; set;}


Using the front end for rendering services will result in better quality graphics, and it will allow expressions in plot labels and the like to be typeset. The default is true.

If the front end is used, then depending on various circumstances you might see a special "Mathematica Server" instance of the front end appear in the Windows taskbar. This separate instance of the front end is used only for rendering services in the background. It has no user interface and cannot be brought the foreground. It is completely managed for you by .NET/Link.

This setting is ignored if the PictureType property is set to "StandardForm" or "TraditionalForm", as typeset output always requires the services of the front end.

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