installs RLink.


  • must be called before any work can be done with the RLink.
  • The following options can be given:
  • "JRELocation"Automaticpath to a custom Java Runtime Environment (JRE)
    "TargetPlatform"Automaticname of the platform, if different from $SystemID
    "RCommandLine"Automaticlist of strings starting with "--" and representing command-line arguments for R
    "RHomeLocation"Automaticlocation of the root of an external R distribution (currently Windows only)
    "AddToRDataTypePath"Nonelist of directories with external data type definitions
    "EnableResourcesAutoinstall"Trueenables automatic download and installation of the RLinkRuntime paclet, if the latter has not yet been installed
  • The "TargetPlatform" option should only be used under rather special circumstances, such as when you would like to use the 32-bit version of R on a 64-bit machine (note that in such a case, you will also need to use the "JRELocation" option, to indicate the path to 32-bit JRE).
  • If the R runtime has been already installed, does nothing.
  • If "RHomeLocation" is set to a specific location, this enables RLink to use external R distribution, where the specified location should correspond to the setting of the R_HOME variable (point at the root of R distribution). This option is currently supported on Windows only.
  • RLink searches in directories specified with "AddToRDataTypePath" for external data type definitions, for user-defined data types extending core RLink type system. When found, such definitions are loaded by and registered with RLink.
  • If the RLinkRuntime paclet (which contains R distribution bundled with RLink) has not yet been installed on your system, and if the "EnableResourcesAutoinstall" option is set to True, the RLinkResourcesInstall function is automatically called by . This does not happen, however, if you indicate the location of your own R distribution with the "RHomeLocation" option.

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Basic Examples  (1)Basic Examples  (1)

This loads the RLink package:

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This configures RLink and installs the R runtime:

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You can now start working:

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