New in 10.0: Scientific and Medical Data & Computation



Physics & Chemistry »

ElementData bulk, atomic, chemical, etc. properties of all chemical elements

ChemicalData structural, physical, and other properties of chemical compounds

MaterialData mechanical, thermal, and other properties of alloys, woods, plastics, etc.

ThermodynamicData  ▪  ParticleData  ▪  ...

FormulaData  ▪  PhysicalSystemData  ▪  ...

Astronomical Computation »

Sunrise, Sunset time of sunrise, sunset for any location and date

SunPosition  ▪  MoonPosition  ▪  MoonPhase  ▪  ...

PlanetData static and dynamic properties of solar system planets

PlanetaryMoonData  ▪  CometData  ▪  ...

StarData positions and properties of all stars in standard catalogs

ConstellationData  ▪  GalaxyData  ▪  ...

SatelliteData properties and real-time computed positions of artificial satellites

DeepSpaceProbeData planetary and deep space probes

Connected Devices »

DeviceOpen open a connection to a device

FindDevices attempt to find devices available on a particular machine

DeviceRead  ▪  DeviceWrite  ▪  DeviceExecute  ▪  DeviceExecuteAsynchronous  ▪  ...