New in 10.0: Scientific and Medical Data & Computation



Physics & Chemistry »

ElementData bulk, atomic, chemical, etc. properties of all chemical elements

ChemicalData structural, physical, and other properties of chemical compounds

ThermodynamicData  ▪  ParticleData  ▪  ...

FormulaData  ▪  PhysicalSystemData  ▪  ...

Astronomical Computation »

Sunrise, Sunset time of sunrise, sunset for any location and date

SunPosition  ▪  MoonPosition  ▪  MoonPhase  ▪  ...

PlanetData static and dynamic properties of solar system planets

PlanetaryMoonData  ▪  CometData  ▪  ...

StarData positions and properties of all stars in standard catalogs

ConstellationData  ▪  GalaxyData  ▪  ...

SatelliteData properties and real-time computed positions of artificial satellites

DeepSpaceProbeData planetary and deep space probes

Connected Devices »

DeviceOpen open a connection to a device

FindDevices attempt to find devices available on a particular machine

DeviceRead  ▪  DeviceWrite  ▪  DeviceExecute  ▪  DeviceExecuteAsynchronous  ▪  ...