As of Version 6.0, ButtonEvaluator has been superseded by Evaluator.


is an option for the low-level function ButtonBox that specifies where the expression constructed from ButtonFunction should be sent for evaluation.


  • The default setting is ButtonEvaluator->None.
  • Possible settings are:
  • Nonethe front end
    Automaticthe kernel used by default in the current notebook
    "name"a kernel referred to by a specific name
  • With ButtonEvaluator->Automatic, the expression to be evaluated can contain any Mathematica objects.
  • With ButtonEvaluator->None, the expression can contain only the specific notebook commands supported by the front end. All these commands are in the context FrontEnd`. Expressions intended for processing purely by the front end must be wrapped with FrontEndExecute.

See Also

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Introduced in 1996