gives the approximate perceptual distance between color directives and .

Details and OptionsDetails and Options

  • The distance between two colors is computed as the Euclidean distance between the two color vectors in the LABColor space.
  • In the computation of the color distance, the alpha channel is ignored.
  • ColorDistance supports a DistanceFunction option. The following settings are available:
  • "CIE76"Euclidean distance in LABColor (default)
    "CIE94"color difference defined in LCHColor
    "CIE2000"CIE94 with some corrections
    {"CMC",{l,c}}Color Measurement Committee metric with lightness l and chroma c
    ffunction f that is given two lists of Lab values
  • With the metric, commonly used parameters are for perceptibility and for acceptability. If not specified, is used.
Introduced in 2014
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