is an option for Manipulate, Graphics3D, Plot3D, and related functions that specifies whether to allow interactive control by external controllers.


  • The following settings can be given:
  • Falsenever respond to external controllers
    Fullrespond only if the object is within the current selection
    Automaticrespond if the object is within the current selection
    Truerespond whenever the notebook has focus
    Allalways respond to external controllers
  • A new cell that contains an object with ControllerLinking->Automatic will automatically be selected if an external controller is moved immediately after the cell is generated.

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Basic Examples  (5)Basic Examples  (5)

By default, the output will respond to an external controller if the object is selected:

Using Full makes the output respond only if the object is within the current selection:

Using All makes the output always respond to external controllers:

Using True makes the output respond whenever the notebook has focus:

Using False makes the output never respond to external controllers:

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Introduced in 2007
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