expands an archive file, saving its content into the current directory.

saves the content of an archive file into directory dir.

extracts only files whose names match pattern.

Details and OptionsDetails and Options

  • ExtractArchive supports a variety of file compression formats, including ZIP, GZIP, TAR, and BZIP2.
  • ExtractArchive returns the names of the files and directories it created.
  • The archive to be extracted can be specified using a relative or absolute file specification.
  • The destination directory can be given as a relative or absolute directory path.
  • If any file in the archive to be extracted already exists, ExtractArchive returns $Failed without creating any directories or files.
  • Directories extracted by ExtractArchive may already exist.
  • ExtractArchive[file] does not delete file.
  • ExtractArchive takes an option CreateIntermediateDirectories to specify whether intermediate directories should be created. The default setting is True.

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Basic Examples  (2)Basic Examples  (2)

Uncompress a GZIP file, storing the result in the current directory:

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Specify the destination directory:

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Introduced in 2010