gives the gain and phase margins of the linear time-invariant system lsys.

Details and OptionsDetails and Options

  • The system lsys can be a TransferFunctionModel or a StateSpaceModel.
  • GainPhaseMargins returns , where the are the phase crossover frequencies, the are the gain margins, the are the gain crossover frequencies, and the are the phase margins.
  • The gain margins are absolute values and the phase margins are in radians.
  • The gain margins are the reciprocals of the magnitude of lsys at the phase crossover frequencies.
  • At the phase crossover frequencies, lsys has phase .
  • The phase margins are phase lags needed to make the phase at the gain crossover frequencies.
  • At the gain crossover frequencies, the gain of lsys is unity.
  • The following options can be given:
  • FeedbackType"Negative"the feedback type
    MethodAutomaticmethod to use
    SamplingPeriodNonethe sampling period
  • Explicit settings for the Method option include and . In each case the methods of Solve or NSolve can be specified as suboptions. The default setting of Automatic switches between these methods, depending on whether lsys is exact or inexact.
  • GainPhaseMargins has the attribute Listable.
Introduced in 2010
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