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gives the value of the specified property of the current HTTP request.


  • The properties available through HTTPRequestData depend on the evaluation environment being used, as determined by $EvaluationEnvironment.
  • HTTPRequestData["Properties"] gives a list of properties available in any particular case.
  • In web-based environments the following are typically available:
  • "Scheme"URL scheme (appearing at the beginning)
    "Domain"domain name or host
    "Port"port number (appearing after :)
    "Path"path list (separated by /)
    "PathString"complete path as a string
    "AbsolutePath"complete path as a string, including domain and scheme
    "Query"list of parameter-value pairs (appearing after ?)
    "QueryString"complete query string
    "Method"typical values include , , and
    "Headers"fields of the request header
    "Body"raw body of the request
    "MultipartElements"list of multipart elements
    "FormRules"rules for all form elements in the request
Introduced in 2014
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