This function has not been fully integrated into the long-term Wolfram Language, and is subject to change.


is an option for cells that specifies the size and position of the bounding box within which a graphic is rendered.


  • With the default setting ImageRegion->{{0,1},{0,1}}, the bounding box of the graphic coincides with the viewing rectangle for the image. The size and position of the viewing rectangle is determined by the settings for ImageSize and ImageMargins.
  • By changing the value of ImageRegion, you can select a specific region of a graphic for viewing. This option is specified as ImageRegion->{{l,r},{b,t}}, where {l,r} and {b,t} specify the coordinates of the bottom left and top right corners of the bounding box of the graphic.
  • The size of the graphic scales according to the size of the bounding box. Hence, you can use this option for zooming in or zooming out. If the bounding box you specify is larger than the image size, only the part of the graphic that fits within the viewing rectangle for the image is displayed.
  • The numbers l, r, b, and t can take any positive or negative value, subject to the constraint that the aspect ratio of the graphic, which is equal to , is always preserved.

See Also

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Introduced in 1999