As of Version 6.0, LightSources has been superseded by settings for Lighting.


is an option for Graphics3D and related functions that specifies the properties of point light sources for simulated illumination.


  • The basic form is LightSources->{s1,s2,}, where the si are the specifications for each light source.
  • Each si has the form {direction,color}. The direction is specified as {x,y,z}, where the components are taken with respect to the final display area. The x and y are horizontal and vertical in the plane of the display; z is orthogonal to the display. Positive z is in front. Only the relative magnitude of the components is relevant; the overall normalization of the vector is ignored. The color can be specified by GrayLevel, Hue, or RGBColor.
  • Simulated illumination determines the shading of surfaces in three-dimensional pictures.
  • The shading of a particular surface element is computed as a sum of contributions from point light sources, plus a contribution from ambient light.
  • Surface properties are specified by RGBColor, Specularity, and Glow directives.
  • Light reflection properties assumed for surfaces are described in the notes for SurfaceColor.

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Introduced in 1988