This function has not been fully integrated into the long-term Wolfram Language, and is subject to change.


is an option for UnderscriptBox and related box objects that specifies what to do when the contents of a box object are too long to fit on one line.


  • With the default setting MultilineFunction->Automatic, reformatting may take place to extend the contents of a box object across multiple lines. This may, for example, involve converting a two-dimensional fraction into a fraction that uses a "/", or in the case of a radical sign, using "^" notation to specify the exponent. The point at which the line break is applied is indicated by a symbol.
  • With the setting MultilineFunction->LineWrapParts, the contents of a box object are linewrapped to fit in the available space.
  • With the setting MultilineFunction->None, the contents of a box object are not split across multiple lines.
  • For a selected box object, MultilineFunction is set as an option for the box object, and applies only to the selection.
  • At the cell level, MultilineFunction is set, for example, as a suboption of the UnderscriptBoxOptions option for cells. It specifies the default setting of MultilineFunction for any UnderscriptBox object in the cell. The same applies for other boxes with their corresponding box options.

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Introduced in 1996