This function has not been fully integrated into the long-term Wolfram Language, and is subject to change.


is an option for selections that specifies settings for evaluation-related suboptions.


  • The typical usage is PrivateEvaluationOptions->{opt1->val1,opt2->val2,}.
  • The following suboptions can be specified:
  • "OutputFormPageWidth""WindowWidth"width of a page for output in OutputForm
    "StoreInputForm"Automatictoggles front end storage of InputForm representation of output produced using OutputForm
  • The value of the option "OutputFormPageWidth" controls the setting of the PageWidth option of the kernels $Output stream. The front end automatically communicates the value to the kernel if the value changes.
  • Other possible settings for "OutputFormPageWidth" are "Infinity", "PaperWidth", and number. The number specifies the width of the page in characters. This is meaningful because OutputForm assumes a monospaced font.
  • Unlike StandardForm or TraditionalForm output, OutputForm output cannot be used in further calculations: it is an output-only format. In order to allow cells in OutputForm to be used in further calculations, the front end can automatically store an InputForm copy of the output. The option "StoreInputForm" specifies the circumstances in which it will do so.
  • With the setting "StoreInputForm"->All, the front end stores an InputForm representation of any output produced by the kernel. If the output is then supplied as input to the Wolfram Language, the kernel interprets the InputForm version to perform the evaluation.
  • When the default setting is "StoreInputForm"->Automatic, the front end stores an InputForm representation for all output except that consisting of graphics or Short[] output. In those cases the InputForm representation can be far larger than the OutputForm output (because it includes the complete data representing the output, rather than an abbreviated form).
  • With the setting "StoreInputForm"->None, the front end does not store an InputForm representation of any output produced by the kernel.

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Introduced in 1999