gives a summary of properties for the queueing process qproc.

gives a summary of properties for the i^(th) node in the queueing network process qproc.

gives a summary of properties for queueing simulation data.

gives the specified "property".


  • The process qproc can represent a single queue, using QueueingProcess, or a network of queues, using QueueingNetworkProcess.
  • In QueueProperties[data], data can be of the form generated by RandomFunction.
  • QueueProperties[qspec,"property","Description"] gives a description of the property as a string.
  • Basic properties for include:
  • "ArrivalRate"arrival rate for the queueing system
    "ArrivalDistribution"arrival distribution for the queueing system
    "DataSource"whether data is from the queue or queueing network
    "InitialState"initial state of the queueing system
    "NetworkType"type of queueing network
    "NodeCount"number of nodes in the queueing network
    "QueueDiagram"diagram of the queueing system
    "QueueNotation"Kendall notation for the queue
    "SelectedNode"selected node in the queueing network
    "ServiceChannels"number of service channels
    "ServiceRate"service rate for each server
    "ServiceDistribution"service distribution for each server
    "SummaryTable"summary of properties
    "SystemCapacity"maximum capacity of the queueing system
    "Throughput"departure rate for the queueing system
    "UtilizationFactor"fraction of time the servers are busy
  • Stationary (or steady-state) performance measures include:
  • "MeanSystemSize"mean number of jobs in the system
    "MeanSystemTime"mean time spent in the system
    "MeanQueueSize"mean number of jobs in the queue
    "MeanQueueTime"mean time spent in the queue
    "StationarySystem"whether a steady state will be reached
  • Stationary or steady-state properties refer to the long-term behavior of a queueing system. They are only available if the queueing system becomes stationary. Typically, a queueing system becomes stationary if the utilization factor is less than 1.
  • If the queueing system is specified with exact or symbolic parameters, then the result will also be exact or symbolic. Some performance properties may only be computable when given approximate numeric parameters.
  • If a property is not available, this is indicated by Missing["reason"] in the corresponding entry of the table.
Introduced in 2012