This function has not been fully integrated into the long-term Wolfram Language, and is subject to change.


is an option for cells that specifies whether box expressions, which are used to represent two-dimensional forms in a cell, are displayed in a more compact notation when the expression for that cell is viewed.


  • With the default setting ShowShortBoxForm->False, cell expressions involving two-dimensional objects are not displayed in ShortBoxForm. ShortBoxForm, though more compact, is less intuitive to read and interpret. Hence the conventional notation is preferred when viewing and editing cell expressions.
  • With the setting ShowShortBoxForm->True, the expression for a cell containing two-dimensional objects is represented in a compact notation called ShortBoxForm.
  • To view the expression for a cell, select the cell and choose Cell Show Expression.
  • For example, an input cell containing the expression a2+b2 would be displayed as: Cell[BoxData[\(a\^2 + b\^2\)], "Input"] with ShowShortBoxForm->True; and as Cell[BoxData[RowBox[{SuperscriptBox["a", "2"],"+",SuperscriptBox["b", "2"]}]], "Input"] with ShowShortBoxForm->False.

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Introduced in 1999