prints as a TeX version of expr.


  • TeXForm produces AMS-LaTeXcompatible TeX output.
  • TeXForm acts as a "wrapper", which affects printing, but not evaluation.
  • TeXForm translates standard mathematical functions and operations.
  • TeXForm[expr] is equivalent to TeXForm[TraditionalForm[expr]]. TeXForm[StandardForm[expr]] can be used to get StandardForm TeX output. »
  • Symbols with names like alpha and ALPHA that correspond to TeX symbols are translated into their corresponding TeX symbols. »
  • Following standard mathematical conventions, singlecharacter symbol names are given in italic font, while multiple character names are given in roman font.
  • Wolfram Language special characters are translated whenever possible to their TeX equivalents.
Introduced in 1988
| Updated in 2004