builds a URL with the specified base and query parameters and values parami and vali.

builds a URL from an association of components.

builds a URL from an association of components, plus query parameters and values.

Details and OptionsDetails and Options

  • URLBuild[URL["base"],] and URLBuild[CloudObject["base"],] are also supported.
  • In a list of rules for queries, the vali can be strings or numbers, or the following special forms:
  • None,Null,Missing""
    {e1,e2,}e1, e2,
  • In URLBuild[assoc], the Association assoc can contain the following elements:
  • "Scheme"URL scheme
    "User"user information
    "Domain"domain name or host
    "Port"port number (as an integer)
    "Path"path list or string
    "Query"query string or list of parameter-value pairs
    "Fragment"fragment specification (given after #)
  • If queries are specified both in assoc and with a list of rules, the queries are concatenated.
  • Strings from assoc or from query parameters or values are percent-encoded.
  • URLBuild has the option CharacterEncoding, which specifies what type of character encoding to use for the output. The default is "UTF-8".
Introduced in 2014
| Updated in 2016