File Save Selection As...
This feature is not supported on the Wolfram Cloud.

Save Selection As
saves the selection in a file with the specified file format.


  • Selections can be saved in the following formats:
  • PDFPortable Document Format
    HTMLHyperText Markup Language
    EPSEncapsulated PostScript
    GIFGraphics Interchange Format
    JPEGJPEG Interchange Format
    JPEG2000JPEG 2000 Graphics File Format
    PCXPC Paintbrush Bitmap Graphic
    PNGPortable Network Graphics
    PNMPortable Anymap
    PXRPixar Picture
    RawBitmapUncompressed Bitmap
    SVGScalable Vector Graphics
    TIFFTagged Image File Format
    TGATARGA File Format
    BMPWindows Bitmap
    EMFEnhanced Metafile
    WMFWindows Media File
    WAVWaveform Audio Format
    QuickTimeQuickTime Movie
    Bitmap (MGF)The Wolfram Language's system-independent raster graphics format