Error and Exponential Integral Functions

Using original algorithms developed at Wolfram Research, Mathematica evaluates error and exponential integral functions anywhere in the complex plane, to arbitrary precision—as well as supporting series expansions with careful attention to branch cuts, and an extensive web of symbolic transformations.


Error Functions

Erf ▪ Erfc ▪ Erfi ▪ InverseErf ▪ InverseErfc ▪ DawsonF

Exponential Integrals

ExpIntegralE ▪ ExpIntegralEi ▪ LogIntegral

Fresnel Functions

FresnelS ▪ FresnelC

Trigonometric & Hyperbolic Integrals

SinIntegral ▪ CosIntegral ▪ SinhIntegral ▪ CoshIntegral

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