New in 6.0: Core Language

Built on powerful and elegant long-standing principles, the core Mathematica language has been gradually enhanced under tight control over its twenty-year history. Version 6.0 added convenient new list manipulation functions and enhanced pattern matching and options handling, as well as a major new integrated debugging and code analysis system.


New in List Manipulation »

Span (;;) — new notation for sequences of parts, blocks, etc.

Accumulate ▪ Tally ▪ Riffle ▪ TakeWhile ▪ ArrayFlatten ▪ Band ▪ ...

ReplacePart (modified) now supports general sparse rule specification

New Pattern Constructs

Longest ▪ Shortest ▪ PatternSequence ▪ Repeated (modified)

New System for Function Options

OptionValue ▪ OptionsPattern ▪ FilterRules

New in Program Development

Debugger full interactive debugging and code analysis environment

Quiet ▪ Monitor ▪ PrintTemporary ▪ SyntaxInformation

New ► Package (.m) special notebook editor for package files, with function indices

New in String Manipulation

Nearest ▪ Hash ▪ EditDistance ▪ DictionaryLookup ▪ DatePattern

Other New Functions

Dynamic ▪ RandomChoice ▪ IntegerString ▪ DateString ▪ SystemOptions

Table, Do, ... (modified) now support iteration over explicit lists

TreeForm (modified) graphical display of the tree structure of an expression

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