New in 6.0: Numerical Data Handling

Version 6.0 added a collection of carefully optimized functions to Mathematica's powerful arsenal of numerical handling capabilities.


New List-Manipulation Functions

Span (;;) — conveniently pick out sequences and sub-blocks from data

Accumulate ▪ Differences ▪ Tally ▪ Riffle ▪ ArrayFlatten

New List Analysis Functions

BinCounts, BinLists count, list elements in particular collections or ranges

New Data-Handling Functions

MovingAverage ▪ MovingMedian ▪ ExponentialMovingAverage ▪ LeastSquares

FindFit (modified) now supports constrained nonlinear fitting

FourierDCT, FourierDST discrete Fourier transforms

New Built-in Statistics Functions »

Commonest ▪ MeanDeviation ▪ Skewness ▪ Kurtosis ▪ ...

New Exploratory Data Analysis »

FindClusters ▪ Nearest ▪ NearestFunction ▪ EuclideanDistance ▪ ...

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