Blend[{col1, col2}, x]
gives a color obtained by blending a fraction of color and x of color .

Blend[{col1, col2, col3, ...}, x]
linearly interpolates between colors as x varies from 0 to 1.

Blend[{{x1, col1}, {x2, col2}, ...}, x]
interpolates to give when .

Blend[{col1, col2, ...}, {u1, u2, ...}]
blends all the , using fraction of color .

Blend[{col1, col2, ...}]
blends equal fractions of all the .


  • In Blend[{col1, ..., coln}, {u1, ..., un}] the are normalized to have total 1. »
  • Blend implements additive color mixing, as appropriate for color light sources or light-generating displays.
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