gives a × matrix of s.

BoxMatrix[r, w]
gives a × block of s centered in a matrix of s.

BoxMatrix[{r1, r2, ...}, ...]
gives a array of s.


  • BoxMatrix[r] gives a square pattern of s extending r positions from the center.
  • The parameter r need not be an integer; elements are if their chessboard distance from the center is not more than .
  • BoxMatrix[All, w] gives a matrix containing a box shape that is as large as possible.
  • BoxMatrix[..., {w1, w2, ...}] gives a array.
  • BoxMatrix[{r1, ..., rn}, w] gives a array.
  • BoxMatrix[All, {w1, ..., wn}] gives a array containing a box-shaped region that is as large as possible.
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