CMYKColor[cyan, magenta, yellow, black]
is a graphics directive which specifies that graphical objects which follow are to be displayed in the color given.

CMYKColor[c, m, y, k, a]
specifies opacity a.


  • Color and opacity levels outside the range 0 to 1 will be clipped. »
  • CMYKColor can be used to specify colors for color printing.
  • CMYKColor[c, m, y] is equivalent to CMYKColor[c, m, y, 0].
  • CMYKColor specifications are automatically converted to RGBColor when simulated lighting calculations are done. »
  • The alternative forms CMYKColor[{c, m, y, k}] and CMYKColor[{c, m, y, k, a}] can also be used.
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