FilledCurve[{segment1, segment2, ...}]
represents a filled curve consisting of followed by etc.

FilledCurve[{component1, component2, ...}]
represents a list of separate filled component curves , , etc.

Details and OptionsDetails and Options

  • FilledCurve can be used in Graphics (two-dimensional graphics).
  • FilledCurve[segment] is equivalent to FilledCurve[{segment}].
  • Possible forms of include:
  • Line[{pt1,pt2,...}]lines
    BezierCurve[{pt1,pt2,...},...]Bézier curve
    BSplineCurve[{pt1,pt2,...},...]B-spline curve
  • The first point on is taken to be the last point on . FilledCurve[{pr1[{p1, ..., pi}], pr2[{q1, ..., qj}], ...}] is equivalent to FilledCurve[{pr1[{p1, ..., pi}], pr2[{pi, q1, ..., qj}], ...}].
  • Filled curves can be non-convex and intersect themselves. Self-intersecting curves are filled according to an even-odd rule that alternates between filling and not at each crossing.
  • FilledCurve[{component1, component2, ...}] treats each component curve as a separate closed curve, but the filling behavior is determined as if they were part of the same curve.
  • The coordinates can be specified using:
  • {x,y}ordinary coordinates
    Scaled[{x,y}]scaled coordinates
    ImageScaled[{x,y}]image scaled coordinates
    Offset[{dx,dy},{x,y}]absolute offset coordinates
  • Individual coordinates and lists of coordinates in segments can be Dynamic objects.
  • FaceForm and EdgeForm can be used to specify how the interiors and boundaries should be rendered.
  • Edge thickness can be specified using Thickness or AbsoluteThickness, as well as Thick, Thin, etc. in EdgeForm.
  • Edge dashing can be specified using Dashing or AbsoluteDashing, as well as Dashed, Dotted, etc. in EdgeForm; for FilledCurve the dashing will be computed across all segments for each component curve.
  • Edge coloring and transparency can be specified using CMYKColor, GrayLevel, Hue, Opacity, or RGBColor in EdgeForm.
  • Joining of curve segments can be specified using JoinForm.
  • Face coloring and transparency can be specified using CMYKColor, GrayLevel, Hue, Opacity, or RGBColor in FaceForm.
  • VertexColors and VertexNormals options to Line will have no effect within a FilledCurve construct.
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