GroupSetwiseStabilizer[group, {p1, ..., pn}]
returns the subgroup of group for which the images of the points are still in the list .

GroupSetwiseStabilizer[group, {p1, ..., pn}, f]
returns the setwise stabilizer subgroup under the action given by the function f.


  • Group elements in the setwise stabilizer do not necessarily fix the points .
  • The pointwise stabilizer of a list of points, computed with GroupStabilizer, is a subgroup of the setwise stabilizer of the same list of points.
  • The output is a subgroup of group defined by generators, but possibly using different generators.
  • For permutation groups, the default group action is taken to be PermutationReplace.

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Basic Examples (1)Basic Examples (1)

Setwise stabilizer of four points:

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Take an element of the stabilizer:

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It moves the points of the list among them:

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