gives the coefficient of kurtosis for the elements in list.

gives the coefficient of kurtosis for the symbolic distribution dist.


  • Kurtosis measures the concentration of data around the peak and in the tails versus the concentration in the flanks.
  • A normal distribution has kurtosis equal to 3. In comparing shapes with normal we have:
  • more flat than normal, platykurtic
    like normal, mesokurtic
    more peaked than normal, leptokurtic
  • Kurtosis handles both numerical and symbolic data.
  • Kurtosis[{{x1, y1, ...}, {x2, y2, ...}, ...}] gives .
  • Kurtosis works with SparseArray objects.
  • Kurtosis[list] is equivalent to CentralMoment[list, 4]/CentralMoment[list, 2]2.
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