Nand[e1, e2, ...]
is the logical NAND function. It evaluates its arguments in order, giving True immediately if any of them are False, and False if they are all True.


  • Nand[e1, e2, ...] can be input in StandardForm and InputForm as . The character can be entered as EscnandEsc or \[Nand]. »
  • Nand[e1, e2, ...] is equivalent to Not[And[e1, e2, ...]]. »
  • Nand has attribute HoldAll, and explicitly controls the evaluation of its arguments. In Nand[e1, e2, ...] the are evaluated in order, stopping if any one of them is found to be False. »
  • Nand gives symbolic results when necessary, removing initial arguments that are True. »
  • Nand is not Flat.
New in 4.1
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