Rectangle[{xmin, ymin}, {xmax, ymax}]
is a two-dimensional graphics primitive that represents a filled rectangle, oriented parallel to the axes.

Rectangle[{xmin, ymin}]
corresponds to a unit square with its bottom-left corner at .

Details and OptionsDetails and Options

  • Scaled and Offset can be used to specify coordinates. »
  • Rectangle[{xmin, ymin}, {xmax, ymax}] is equivalent to a suitable Polygon with four corners.
  • Graphics directives such as GrayLevel, RGBColor, and Opacity can be used to specify how rectangles should be drawn.
  • FaceForm and EdgeForm can be used to specify separately how the interiors and boundaries of rectangles should be drawn. The default is that no explicit edge is drawn. »
  • The option RoundingRadius->r can be used to specify rounded corners rendered using circles of radius r.
  • Coordinates and lists of coordinates in rectangles can be Dynamic objects.
  • Rectangle[] is equivalent to Rectangle[{0, 0}]. »
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