prints as a short form of expr, less than about one line long.

Short[expr, n]
prints as a form of expr about n lines long.


  • Short[expr] gives a "skeleton form" of expr, with omitted sequences of k elements indicated by k.
  • In StandardForm, the characters used for this output are \[LeftSkeleton] and \[RightSkeleton].
  • Omitted sequences of elements are printed as Skeleton objects.
  • Short prints long strings in skeleton form.
  • The number of lines specified need not be an integer.
  • Short can be used with InputForm and other formats as well as OutputForm.
  • Short acts as a "wrapper", which affects printing, but not evaluation.
  • Trying to feed k as obtained from Short back as input to Mathematica in StandardForm will generate an error.
  • Short is used to limit the length of output in standard Mathematica warning and other messages.

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Basic Examples (2)Basic Examples (2)

Shorten the display of a large polynomial to about one line:

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Allow about three lines:

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